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The Muslim Astrology is the science of forecasting one?s future. It is the deepen study of heavenly body related to the birth event of a human being. This art of foretold provides the facility to watch out the circumstances and events in the life of a man or women. In ancient time when Muslims have to know the time of the prayers, correct orientation of the mosque and the direction of ka?bah, they started studying about heavenly bodies for the sake of all above. This emphasizes Muslim scholars that the study of celestial objects can help to predict the future of a man or women.

Love Marriage Solutions : Marriage in Islam

Everyone accepts Muslim astrology because of the credibility it has achieved. Everyone is eager to know more about their future .If the astrologers can correctly guide them with their predictions then they can have a peaceful life. That is what everyone wants and in most instances Muslim astrologers and Muslim astrology acts as final resort for the people who are in search for their future. Love, Finance, Marriage along with other life problems can be resolved with the help of Muslim astrology and these are the factors which make Muslim astrologers so special.A Maulvi (priest) in the presence of close family members and relatives conducts the ceremony. In orthodox Muslim communities the men and women are seated separately.

Love problem Solution


If you have any problem related to love and want a permanent love problem solution, just call to Astrologer Molana Mohamad Adil Ali who has a deep knowledge of Astrology.

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Black Magic Mantra

Love & Personal

This is another mantra to ward off black magic conducted against you by your enemies. The previous one which I had given was a Shabar mantra; this one is a Vedic mantra.

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Islamic Vashikaran


Islamic vashikaran mantras are powerful ilms of Islamic vashikaran astrology which are helpful in solving your all type of love problems.

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